Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We Hear Your Voice

The 50 year old’s dying Spanish blue eyes lit up.
Brothers and sisters surrounding him like paparazzi passing a well-worn story around the room
as if bouncing a balloon
it’s dance fluid from years of repeating
enlivened now for a new audience
Each sibling having their cue, for you

They’re telling the one about grandma and her trach
Each grandchild in turn impersonating her robotic voice
“Who took a slice of cake?”
“Did you hear about the neighbor’s son?”
“Wait till I tell your mother.”

All agreed the youngest grandchild who had been grandma’s caretaker at the end did it the best

When a month after grandma’s funeral she called each sibling using grandma’s voice
Causing all jaws to drop and pants to be soiled

Spanish Blue eyes full of laughing tears turns to the Doctor and shares between giggles:

“We use humor to get through these difficult times”

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