Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Introductions made with the man in the hat and glasses
he fidgets with a transistor radio

I crouch down beside the bed to be able to look up into her face

My thighs immediately begin to burn and I curse myself for being so fucking out of shape

Then back toward her, all ashen skin, wide eyes sharp collar bones

Her twig like fingers wrapped around air and pulling something invisible toward a mouth that gasps
Help me
I want 
I want 
I want

I think “Oh shit”
I’m not going to know 
I won’t know
I won’t have an answer 
I won’t be able to help
Help me
I want 
I want
I want

Her mouth takes bites of the air
My brain gasps for the answer

“we’ve been married for 50 years”

“Where did you meet?”

“Chicago, she’s from Chicago. I never liked Chicago”

“What is she asking for?”

“She loves hot dogs”

“Oh… Ketchup?”

“Hell no, Mustard, mustard’s classic.”

“I heard in Chicago they put celery seed on ‘em.”



“No. No way. I’m going to put on the radio, honey”

“How are you doing? Are you eating, how’re you holding up?”

“You know, I do this. I’m here. We’re here. 50 years here.”

“Here’s some Classical.”

The transistor is placed on the window sill adding to the music already in the room.

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