Thursday, March 14, 2013

More cheese.

It must be time to write
Like clockwork lit by refrigerator bulb
Head in the tupperware with ass in air
Like so many ducklings river feeding
Blank pages illuminate and provoke from a table
once, maybe once used for dining
Blank pages peek over stacks of old bills, jars of bloodless pens, cans of foreign coins,
unowned tiny torn phone numbers

Come sit here, SIT, sit here, come
Sit HERE and feed
This is what you're looking for
You, from your desert Island
You are looking the wrong way
believing the ocean you see will drown you
Wasting time thinking of learning to swim, thinking of rafts, thinking of smoke
smoke signals, waiting for someone to rescue

There is another, other

Can YOU hear me, you CAN hear me,
WAKE UP (you pretend to sleep)

just turn around, turn, turn around, Just
PAY ATTENTION (this will never nourish you)

Behind you, RIGHT HERE, IS a world of EVERYTHING.

Hear me, me, hear me, let me