Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I’m sure you have a lot more interesting people to visit than me.
Oh you don’t?
Well then, fix me up some more crystal light and take a seat. 
You’re not a nun are ya?
My dad was a minister in Texas where I’m from.
That was weird.
I was on a cruise by myself, my partner’s too old to come with me. I’m going to be 84.
I look young.
Drank so much I poisoned myself and when we docked in NY I had to come here. 
The plan from here?
I’ll get out tomorrow I think and head home and into a rehab, you know?
You do?
Oh. you have experience with stuff like that?
oh. Huh.
So I’ll go back to Texas.
I’m going to be 84.

I think I’ll be ok.

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