Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I was born very young
Entirely too young
And I have been waiting 
my entire life 
to be precisely here
I have caught up, slowed down
The bubble almost center in the level
The pebble before the avalanche
All plates spinning with whispered welcoming
It's the moment of hanging over the canyon
Blink, blink, wave
Wiley I am, go, LET GO, Let's go
Surrender to the undertow

I'm awake, I can breathe
Fitting my body, MY body
See how this book cradles perfectly in my hand
This fork rests perfectly in my mouth
This hand encourages from the small of my back
Resistance is a currency with no value
I care enough
And dare to say 24 hours are enough
7 days are more than enough
A lifetime will always have been enough

With nothing, no thing, left undone