Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I’m just coming’ to join ye
with my cup o tea 
and hope I don’t bug ye none
It’s been a rough day ya see
I’m so scared and
I don’t know, I just don’t know if I can do it
I’ve gotta quit drinking, but the cigarettes are worse
they say I have COPD 
and I just don’t know I just don’t know
It’s just such a place ya know
I can’t quit one wit out the other and I don’t want to let go of both…

But look it me 
I hope I’m not interruptin
am I interruption your group
what group is this 
Spirituality group
Ah perfect
Spiritual people help me 
I’m very spiritual but not so religious
but I do go to mass with my friend kenny and one time I went to the church the nun came by with the basket, you know
I asked her straight out: is this for me to take some out or you betting I’ll be putting something in? Haha
She said to come see her after the mass so I did
you know raised in catholic school you don’t disobey a nun or you’d be in right trouble
So I met her and she asked where ya from and I said Galway and she said Cork
And from then on I called her the corker. She liked that.
And she helped to get me into the building where I live now. I wasn’t old enough but she pulled some strings.
There’s an elevator which is grand, and I have it fixed up ok, ok for me but I don’t have much company on account of the plastic chairs and the smoking
But I use the phone to connect with people, I call my sister every Sunday and she yells at me says I can tell you’re smoking, I can hear it thru the phone…

She came to new york in her teens and worked for a woman and I came for her wedding and never went back.
I worked for a woman then too – a woman who let me sit in her kitchen and smoke a cigarette a few times a day, she didn’t smoke but she let me and we would talk and I would tell stories and I would smoke and she would listen.
We built a trust that way. Ya don’t trust anyone who can’t laugh or make you laugh so we laughed a lot. And I never stole from her. and She was good to me.
She really liked the one about the Swearing Priest... haha

Ya know ya gotta laugh or you’ll just die from the heartache.

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